Local Sky experts are independent installers. There are lots of benefits to using a local expert for your installation.  Sky Local experts offer impartial advice and if Sky is not the best option for you they may be able to advise an alternative service.


Local Sky experts are independent, they offer impartial advice and will offer you the best system options based on your specific requirements. 


Local Sky experts offer greater flexibility with installation tailored to your needs. 

Discreet & hidden dish installations

Sometimes planning laws mean you are not allowed to install a dish on a property, especially if a building islisted or in a conservation area. Many customers just dont want a dish visible on their property.  It is usually possible to install the dish in a garden, outbuilding or on a chimney or roof,  Most independent can also install the Sqish dish, a discreet alternative to a Sky dish that can be camouflaged to help it blend in with the surroundings. 

Long or awkward cable runs

Sometimes cable runs are .long or awkward. An independent will have the time to install cables neatly and efficiently. 

Working at Heights 

Most independents will have the neccessary training and equipment to install dishes at height. 



Local Sky experts have knowledge of the local area and will be able to offer the best advice based on local knowledge. 


Local Sky experts can integrate with your existing equipment, multi room and audio systems where feasible. 




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